My Prayer for CHINA:


“…For the time to favor her. Yes, the set time, has come.” Psalm 102:13 NKJV


     I come into Your throne room again, on the behalf of Your Beloved, China.
First Father I thank you, with all my heart I thank you, for all whose prayers have come before me. I thank you for all You are doing, and for all who are praying now. I know Father, Your Church in China prays 24-7, and we join our voices with theirs.

Father, may every desire of Your heart for China come to pass in our day. May Your perfect plans for them be accomplished, now in our time.

Open the eyes of the mind’s of the blind, by Your Spirit Winds blowing across the face of this cherished land. May every hungry and searching heart find You on their own Damascus Road. Show Yourself Father in Love and Power. May every one You have chosen find You. Teach them Father how much You love them and about Your awesome plans for them!

Abba, I ask for a change in government policies. I ask for unprecedented favor for Your Church, from the lowest, to the highest echelons of government. May Your will be done in this Earth, as it is in Heaven.

May the prisons be opened and the captives released. May the scourge of abortion, especially sex-specific abortions be stopped. May the government’s eyes be opened to the far-reaching negative consequences of these brutal policies. May suicide, and all human trafficking be brought to an end. May the young in China realize the truth, that God is real, and that Jesus Christ is the only answer for the emptiness they feel.

I ask that the persecution of Your Church, and all the enemy’s plans, be turned back! I ask for Your Angel Armies to come from the North, the South, the East, the West, to do Your bidding.

Open doors Father that cannot be shut—just as You have promised!

Make a way for each Believer where there seems to be no way. Let them know they are NOT forgotten, not by You, not by us, Your Church.

We pray for Your peace and hope to overflow each heart.

I pray for the protection for Your Church Abba; for her strength; for overwhelming love for her enemies; for overflowing joy in her journey. May Your Church continue to grow amid China’s ongoing persecution.

May Your Word find a new open door, and go forth to every longing heart, and home.

May Your Church be established in pure biblical teaching and doctrine, and may all false religions and teaching, be exposed.

Thank you Father for hearing us, for we know You have heard our prayers, and since all these things are Your will, it is done in Jesus Name just as You promised!

Great are You LORD and greatly to be praised!

Act Father! NOW! We beseech You for these Your Beloved, in China.


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© Beseeching Grace, Molly ~ woundresser, 2016