The Square Peg Alliance

The Square Peg Alliance is a group of singer/songwriters who really like each other. We have all been doing music on our own but have decided to join forces like the wonder twins – except there are 13 of us instead of 2. There is no guy in a suit putting all of us together. We really just believe in each other’s art and want to support it.

We don’t write music so we can be the next big thing (or if we do, it hasn’t worked for us). We believe that there are folks out there who like music even if it isn’t played every three minutes on the radio, even if it isn’t on a big label, even if it isn’t accompanied by a music video, even if the shows aren’t flashy or even if the records don’t go platinum (or gold, or silver, or aluminum foil, etc.).

That is why we are the Square Peg Alliance. Thirteen artists who might not fit perfectly into the traditional mold of the music business, but have found a home with each other.”[FROM THE SQUARE PEG ALLIANCE’S MYSPACE PAGE.

The Square Peg Alliance is, at the moment:

Katy Bowser

Jeremy Casella

Billy Cerveny

Randall Goodgame

Andy Gullahorn

Matthew Perryman Jones

Chris Mason

Sandra McCracken

Andrew Osenga

Eric Peters

Andrew Peterson

Jill Phillips

Derek Webb

More here from Matthew Smith on a recent Square Peg Alliance show in Nashville.

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