Keep On Dancin’!

I grew up in the sixties and let’s face it,

“Were there ever greater tunes?”

Keep On Dancin'The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Righteous Brothers, The Beach Boys…

I could go on and on.

And oh, those sixties shows on TV!

What a hoot!

I know, I know…

Fantasyland personified.

But seriously,

I loved the music from my teen years and still do. I couldn’t wait to go to those teen dances on Friday night down at the VFW hall.

We would meet up with all our friends, and dance, dance, dance…

(Yeah, I can still sing along all these years later.)

One of my favorite tunes was this one:

Can you believe those clothes and HAIR?

(And we thought we were so cool.)

Sometimes looking back (for just a moment) can give you a great laugh!

And I guess that’s my point for today…

We have all said and done things we wish we hadn’t.

Don’t dwell on your mistakes and wrong turns.

Learn from them.

Dry your eyes, or give yourself a break, and a good laugh…

And, Choose JOY!

We’ve all blown it… and will again. We’ve all made choices we wish we hadn’t. We’ve all looked foolish, or felt foolish, ’cause being human is just such a daily thing!

God is still on His throne and He still chooses to use broken things for His glory.

(Thank heaven for that!)

It’s a new day. Another do-over, “Ta-DA!”

Square your shoulders and make a fresh start.

(And if you need another good laugh?)

Watch that video again!

… and keep on dancin’ (do-waa, do-waa) Keep on doin’ the Jerk right now…

Shake it, shake it baaaaa-by, Come on an’ show me how you work!

Keep on a-dancin,-an-a-prancin’… Keep on a-dancin,-an-a-prancin’… Keep on a-dancin,-an-a-prancin’…


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