Amazing Approach To The Bible!

216187This book is simply Amazing! In easy-to-remember steps, Max Anders book, 30 Days To Understanding The Bible, will show you how to to organize each category of Bible information, then take each piece, and assemble it all together in this beautiful puzzle.

And, you will remember it!

Just think of it. Fifteen minutes each day, for a month, and you will not believe how your command of information from the Bible will grow and expand.

I was amazed at myself!

Because I hate trying to memorize stuff.

But this book takes you step by step, giving you one logical piece at a time. Then by using easy-to-remember picture icons (in a style similar to what your computer uses to help you learn how to navigate) you learn how to navigate your bible like a pro!

It really is brilliant in it’s utter simplicity. I loved it!

Memorization is simply not my thing!

But Max’s mantra all through this book is, “Repetition is the key to mental ownership.”

Only here’s the thing.

It’s all in small manageable pieces.

(Small I can do!)

I love the simple maps, the short lists, the logical categories, and the self-tests at the end of each section.

They all work together to really help you build your confidence.

The chapters are short, clear, and easy to understand.

bible 30 days2By the time I got to the end of the second chapter I thought, “Hey, I think I can do this.”

By the time I finished the third chapter I said, “I am doing it—this book is amazing!”

I wish I had known about Max’s book when I first started studying my bible. His methods are ideal for any New Believer’s Class; lots of basic information, presented in a simple to understand format, that anyone, at almost any age, can do.

Fifteen minutes a day.

Tell me who can’t do that?

Like Max says, “What you can learn tomorrow is built on what you learn today!”

Want to get a real grasp of your bible to share with family and friends?

Well, here it is: 30 Days To Understanding The Bible.


Order now on Amazon, or any of your other major book retail outlets.

Oh, there are also loads of great freebies at you can download, too!

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