“Everybody’s got a hungry heart.” –Bruce Springsteen

These are desperate days.

It is appalling to me that every 12.3 minutes, someone surrenders to the darkness, and takes their own life.

(Our family has had two suicides.)

It’s why I personally believe one of the highest callings in The Church is to encourage people to HOPE.

People are losing hope in record numbers.

“People need the LORD” just like the old Steve Green song said.

That’s why I write.

I am a “seventy years young” woman, who is an encourager, and passionate about people pursuing their calling and purpose with Jesus.

Someone who can change everything.

He changed my life!

He brought me HOPE.

He is the reason I try to bring the gifts God has given me to a world dying for that hope.

I believe the whole wide World is searching for the healing only Jesus Christ can bring to our hungry hearts.

May you discover Him here.

God bless you and keep you in His love,