The Divine Romance

I don’t think any book (other than my Bible) has impacted my life in a positive way, more than–Brian Simmons, The Divine Romance.

When I prayed that simple prayer, “God, teach me how much you love me.” little did I know, just how much God was longing to do that!

Those eight little words sent me on a most magnificent journey!

(One that I am still on today!)

  • If you want to know the truth of just how much God loves you?
  • If you want a little book that will enhance your daily Bible reading?
  • If you want to be rocket-propelled into God’s purpose for creating you?

In short,

“If you want to discover your God-given destiny?”

I highly recommend this amazing book, The Divine Romance, 365 Days Meditating on The Song of Songs–available on Amazon.

(I still read it, every single day.)

Here is a small sample for you:

Jesus longs to smother every aspect of your life with His love. If you will invite Him to come, His glory will flood the deepest, driest, and most wounded areas of your being. His love is filled with mercy, grace, healing, and wisdom. Nothing remains the same once it’s saturated with Him. God wants you to have a good life, and the invitation of divine love is where it all begins.

Expect his love to extinguish every fear. The kisses of His Spirit will smother anxiety, doubt, and unbelief. His hope can heal disappointment. His joy will overwhelm every sorrow. He is the light in the darkest seasons of your soul. The more deeply you receive His love, the more it will overflow into every part of your life. Ask Him to saturate your spirit, soul, and body today. It is time for you to experience a fresh kiss from heaven!

Excerpted from, Lavish, January 3, The Divine Romance