Counting Sand Dunes

Not my best thing!

I am a “do-er, a planner, a list-maker”…
Action is my favorite thing! Motion, movement, progress…
I love it!
So when God whispers to my heart, “wait…”

My heart sinks.
My fists clench.
My feet shuffle.

Why is waiting so dog-gone hard?

(Oh, man! Want my big list or my little one?)

When God says “wait” I get restless.

When God says “wait” my mind starts circling, pacing, looking for signals, signposts… anything!

Waiting times feel like wilderness times to me.
Deserts, where there is nothing to do but count sand dunes.

Is waiting time wasted time?
(I don’t think so.)

My waiting times have taught me some very valuable lessons.

The most important ones are that:

Waiting times can be times for rest, renewal, and revival. Waiting times can prepare us for what’s ahead.

Waiting times can, and usually are, a teaching time…
Times when God, and God alone, has our full attention.


Times when He says,

Keep listening to Me.

Keep following, keep trusting, keep obeying Me.

So, right now, if God has you in a holding pattern…
If for the present you are sequestered in a quiet place…
Instead of feeling abandoned or stuck…
Instead of impatiently pacing…

Get quiet.
Then, listen.
Confidently expect.

Chances are that’s what God has been doing…

For you.
For silence.
So He can come near.
So He can be heard.
He has been waiting…
Patiently waiting.

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