The Dreamer

Dear Child of Mine ~ I see you there,
All burdened down with weight and care.
I see your tears as you clutch it so,
Your precious dream that died… (I know.)

I understand the hopes you held,
The longing wish that all would meld.
I know it seems “too late” to dream,
As though this pain were some sad scheme…

To break your heart; to see you cry.
To crush your hopes; to watch them die…
But don’t forget from Mary’s womb;
The miracle… the empty tomb!

From empty shells of seeming loss,
A victory shines across each cross.
So your life, too, a puzzle torn;
Will yield new visions ~ yet unborn.

Please trust Me as I take each piece,
And you will find as you release…
That from the Caterpillar’s sleep,
Will come new dreams for you to keep!