Advice From A Prophet “Just Do It!”

David, is that all you’re telling me to do, just seek?

What kind of advice is that?

What’s that Jeremiah?

(Wait…) Lamentations 3:26

Oh, wait and seek?

You’ll have to explain your advice to me boys.

Wait seems to say, “do nothing.” Seek, on the other hand, that seems to say, “search.”

Search for what? A way out?

(God is the way out. He will make a way.) Isaiah 40:3-4

Yes, I’ve heard that one before Isaiah.

I don’t know guys. This all sounds good but do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting? How long I’ve been seeking?

Seems to me if this stuff worked something would have changed by now. Seems to me we’ve gone full circle.

I keep coming back to the same question, “How am I supposed to thrive when everything I look at, speaks death?”


Is that you Habakkuk?

(“… the just shall live by his faith.”) Habakkuk 2:4

Faith, huh?

Surely not faith in people.

( I lost that a few miles back.)

I know Joseph. I know, forgiving every day.

(I heard you the first time!)

You know you guys know how hard this is. I mean, you’ve been here. Prison. Famine. Disillusionment. Deserts. You guys should know.

It just all sounds too easy; too simple. Waiting. Seeking. I’ve done that. Forgiving? Been there, too.

Living by faith? Sometimes I think that’s all that’s left and I’m not so sure there’s much of that anymore.

(Just do it?) Ezekiel 2:8

Just like that? Just do it?

And that will make me thrive? Here?

I don’t know. I just don’t know anymore.

(Maybe I’ve been here too long.)

The DREAM~MAKER’S Promise:

The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him.  Lamentations 3:25 NKJV

A Caterpillar’s Prayer:

Oh Father. Waiting is not my best thing. Far from it! It seems like I have been here so long… waited so long for You. My heart is so weary LORD. I don’t want to wait anymore God. I confess I am dragging my tin-cup-of-impatience against the bars of my cell again. Oh Abba, all I can think of is… I want out… I want out!