Notes To My Caterpillar: Truth


My Dearest Caterpillar,


You and I arrive at truth.

(Truthfully, I’ve been here all along.)

I have been right here waiting… at Rock-Bottom-Truth… for you.

(Oh, My Beloved Caterpillar!)

How I long for you to see yourself as you will be. Not a worm crawling about in the muck of anger and bitterness… but up in the heavens, skimming the clouds; swimming in rainbows!

When did you stop believing?

A long way back!

You surrendered your hopes, your dreams, your expectations when you arrived…


You hate it here?

(I know.)

You hate Me for bringing you here?

(Yes, I know.)

Now you do, too. No more holding it in… no more fists clenched in silent rage…

Now, we can begin to build on a firm foundation of Truth.

No other foundation will stand the test of where you and I are headed.

Your Heart’s Desire,

The Dream-Maker

Lead me to my purpose LORD. Give me a place to stand and I will shake the earth?


“… you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32 NKJV