A REAL Fairytale… huh?


I grew up on fairy tales and happily-ever-after’s. (It was the Fifties after all!) The Fantasyland of Father Knows Best, and The Donna Reed Show, with a little Leave It To Beaver thrown in for good measure.

Fantasy Land for sure!

mi-pham-151954-unsplashBut don’t try to tell me we don’t all still believe… (I read Harry Potter, too!)


(Come on… fess-up, so did you.)

I don’t believe fairy tales will ever go out of fashion, because there is a part of our heart’s (whether we admit it or not) that remains child-like; hopefully untouched by the cynicism, criticism, and all the other “ism’s” that suck the spontaneous joy out of life!

I believe Jesus Christ came to manifest that joy… that zoe-life, in us!

He came to bring us back to wholeness. His life—in us! Think of it… wow! His desires for us are for the unlimited possibilities of His Kingdom.

But first… by faith, transformation!

When we allow God to transform us (especially by giving us His perspective and Kingdom mindset) we become something new… different… wonderful!

God takes our hopes and dreams, shapes, and reshapes them, according to His plans and purposes, and…


Through His process of transformation and a renewed mind we BECOME who we were created to be, so that we can DO, what we were created to do!

We are a fairytale in the process of becoming REAL. Our wishing-dreams, transformed by His plan and purpose, are born… so we can fly!

(Want to?)

Yeah, me too!

We stand on the authority of His word don’t we?

Haven’t we been given everything we need (through our inheritance in Christ) to slay every dragon this hurting world of ours has? We are His disciples, aren’t we?

  • We have been given the power… via His indwelling Spirit alive in us.
  • We have been given the authority…. to use His name for whatever we need…
  • To do whatever He has called us to accomplish for His Kingdom.


What is more powerful, than the Almighty God alive in me 24-7, giving me the unlimited resources of His Kingdom to manifest that Kingdom everywhere I go, using the blank check of the name of His Son?

It’s time to use this unlimited inheritance of ours — to change this planet!

(Want to?)

Yeah, me too!

Okay then… all willing caterpillar’s… follow me!

Let’s enter the story… His story...  the one He is writing — in us!