The Moment


The call has  come from Spirit’s flow,

Up to the rainbow tops to go.

Cocoon breaks its last restricting hold…

As moonbeams shimmer on wings of gold.


A moment now—to understand,

That darkened cell was sacred plan;

To make me into “vessel” new,

With messages—not for a few…


Oh, no! This plan I now behold,

Was not for dungeon, dark and cold;

But so a story could be told…

As gossamer wings I now unfold…


To soar away to rainbow’s height;

And spread Your Word, with sheer delight!

We’ll sing our songs—we now decree

That other’s, too, might be set free!


Your call! …there it is again!

Most welcome Voice of Sovereign Friend…

“Stretch out those wings! Come… fly with Me!

The moment’s here …your destiny!”