Most Unlikely

Here? …I said with wrinkled brow.

Come on God, be serious now!

Surely this is not – The Place?

Why look! It’s such a sad disgrace.


Why would You choose a place like this?

A place Your blessings must have missed!

Nothing grows or prospers here,

Unless it’s failure’s greatest fears.


The walls are crumbling – broken down;

When others look, they only frown.

Can’t blame them God. It is a mess!

No effort’s met with great success.


Child, you are so slow to learn,

I always choose what others spurn.

If hopeless is the tag you’ve worn,

Then that’s the place where hope’s reborn!


All past failures. All past pain?

…are merely dark clouds, filled with rain,

So showers of blessing can pour down,

Erasing critic’s greasy frowns.


I AM your God! Can you not see?

Nothing’s impossible for Me!

Just watch as mountains I remove,

Forming highways sleek and smooth.


Have I not said? Then you shall see!

The IMPOSSIBLE shall be done for thee!

And all the prayers that you eschewed?

Shall answered be – YOUR hope’s renewed!


All I ask – is you obey;

Follow Me without delay.

Here, awaits My open door;

Surrender means, just one step more…


I hear your doubts – I know your fears

I won’t ignore your anxious tears.

Just close your eyes and take a leap,

Of trust and faith, and I will keep…


Each promise that I made before

As showers of blessing now I pour,

On YOU, the child that I adore!

Come now. Trust Me. One step more.


  Lay down, lay down, your old chains…

Come now… take up your new name…

You’re best life up ahead now.        

                   You’re just ONE STEP AWAAAAAAY!