Kairos Moments: Arriving At God’s Set Time

They don’t happen often do they? Those kairos moments in life when everything syncs up perfectly. Ah, but when they do it is exquisite! It is arriving at a God moment—the “set time” of maximum opportunity.

I haven’t had many of these.

Oh, I’ve had a few.

My own Damascus Road experience. The days I was chosen for jobs I would never have applied for. Those days I left behind all that I loved, all that I wanted, to follow and obey God’s directions for me to follow His plan.

You know the moments that I mean. Those turning points in your life, with days of demarcation. Those defining moments when you knew inside your heart—everything in your life will pivot from this day.

I looked up the word kairos  because I wanted to know exactly how it is defined. Here is what I discovered.

KAIROS is a Greek word.

The Greeks have two different words to indicate time. Chronos which is used to indicate chronological or sequential time, and kairos, which are those moments of time we all desire and hope for.

A Kairos moment in time is made up of three elements: It is a moment of maximum opportunity. It is a moment when change is possible. It is an exquisite syncretistic moment when all things “come together” and align.

That last bit is my favorite. I believe it is what the Bible refers to as “the set time,” and what we in the church call, “waiting for God’s best.”

It is for me, the ultimate reason why I wait.

Simply put I want God’s best for my life. I want His plan. The plan that He designed specifically for me before the beginning of time. The plan that holds all of God’s ultimate best for my ultimate good.

This plan of God’s may involve long years of waiting. It may involve walking through many painful events. It might feel like waiting in the dark with little or no understanding. And, it may involve many delays, and detours, with only the promises of God to light my way.

Yet God never promised us that we would understand His plans.

Actually He says just the opposite.

Instead, He asks us to believe that He loves us, and to remember that He has promised us He will never leave us or forsake us—no matter what we must walk through.

I have learned that it is in my walking and my waiting days, I develop those vital muscles called faith, perseverance, and endurance—those strong muscles that will be indispensable for me when I do finally arrive at my Kairos Moment.

And the LORD visited Sarah as He said, and the LORD did unto Sarah as He had spoken. For Sarah conceived, and bare Abraham a son in his old age, at the set time of which God had spoken to him.” Genesis 21:1-2