The Moment of Maximum Opportunity

We all have had doors that we have walked through expecting to find that moment of maximum opportunity. We step across that threshold with a certainty that this will be it! That moment when we would meet our destiny, only to realize later that this was not what we had hoped or expected. We made our plan, we followed it to the letter, only to arrive at another disappointing dry well.


It truly can be a lonely moment.

Time is such a precious thing, and once lost it is irretrievable. It doesn’t take one long to learn how precious and few are those moments in life where everything comes together. Wisdom, if heeded, teaches us they are to be treasured.

So how will we know when one of those propitious kairos-moments comes along?

Here are a few things my kairos moments have taught me.

First, it will be an opportunity we will be expecting in faith.

Second, it will be an opportunity we have been prepared for.

And most important, it will be an opportunity where circumstances, people, and timing will all  converge—unforced by any manipulation on our part.



That last one is far easier to say than to do.

I think that often we can interfere with things God is doing and before we know it our impatience has gotten the better of us and our good intentions have jacked things up. (This I know from first hand experience!)

We meant well. We believed the time was right. Intending a perfect outcome we thought we would just give things a little push. We thought the time had come. Then, everything goes sideways.

Ever had one of those moments?

Yeah, me too.

It is so wonderful to know that, no matter how much you mess up, or how BIG your mess becomes.

God Is Faithful.

He can take all the shattered pieces of our dreams, and our hearts, and make a beautiful message out of all our mess.

I can say with absolute certainty.

He will because you are destined—for His purpose.



“I cannot count the times when you have faithfully rescued me from danger. I will tell everyone how good you are, and of your constant, daily care.” Psalm 71:15 TLB