A Dangerous Legacy: Empire State One, by Elizabeth Camden

A Dangerous Legacy is Elizabeth Camden’s first in her new historical romance series, The Empire State.

As historical romance’s go, this one starts out with all the usual suspects.

The poor and struggling heroine Lucy Drake and her brother are up to their ears in the alligators who are their rich and treacherous relatives. A multi-decade lawsuit has Lucy and her brother fighting to regain their half of the family legacy.

Now enter Lord Beckwith the also poor and struggling aristo from Merry Old England with the juicy title and no money. Lord Beckwith is looking for a rich American wife who has the loot, but no title, in hopes that he can persuade her to marry one and thereby save his crumbling estate back home.

Of course when Lucy and the Lord meet the romantic sparks fly and that only complicates things for Lucy has no legacy to offer up.

There are the upstate relatives with the greedy wife, the treacherous uncle and of course the evil and snotty cousin,  who are also in cahoots with an evil doctor who runs the neighborhood  insane asylum and seems to get off on mental and emotional torture.

That’s where the story kind of lost me. The creepy doctor definitely took the story down a dark and murky path.

All this happens with the telegraph and it’s history playing a staring role in the story.

A Dangerous Legacy holds few surprises, with heroes and villains aplenty, but things sort themselves out in the end.

Still, I liked the story, and gave it five stars on Goodreads for it’s smooth style and interesting historical facts.

My thanks to Bethany House Publishers for sending me this complimentary copy of the book in exchange for my review.

A Dangerous Legacy is available on Christian Book Distributors or at your other fine book retailers.


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