Never Losing the Light: Overturning The Status Quo

But… things are about to change.

(I wound with purpose, remember?)

We are going to change things.

(I told you, we are going to upturn and overturn the Status Quo.)

No more platitudes of plastic niceties. No more cold hearts, cold words, and cold love. I am done with these.

It’s a new day.

(And like the sleeping virgins, my coming will catch many napping.) Matt. 25:7

Never mind.

There is no more time for hand holding patience. The clock child, the clock! We must be off and there’s no time for dealing with your indolent brothers.

(Ah, if only they had realized the time of their visitation!)

Never mind.

There is much to do. Things will change quickly. You must stay in step. I am moving quickly to gather up those who are ready to listen. I have been preparing hearts everywhere. The harvest is vast! The numbers would frighten you if you knew.

Never mind.

I have a plan. Yes, the laborers are few, but oh-so-carefully chosen!

You have been prepared for this. You are ready. Don’t fear… I am as near as breathing.

Your anointing is great.

(So is your accountability!)

You must stay in step.

Listen always for your Master’s voice.

(You know My voice.)

Don’t be afraid.

Destiny’s waiting.

“… But, says the LORD,” Jeremiah 30:18