Never Losing The Light: A Familiar Pirate Called Pain

Yes… you can.

(Yes, you can.)

You have made friends with this pirate.

Your pain is an old and familiar comrade, that is all.

Listen, remember friends who turned out not to be friends, after all? They had hidden agendas and motives and goals that you did not “see” in the beginning—remember?

Well, your pain is also a false friend. A pirate you’ve become familiar with…

But familiarity and friendship are not the same thing.

Your painful memories are familiar but toxic.

That is why you must lay down your love for them. You must surrender your sympathy for this wounded self.

(Yes, you must.)

You must face your pain, thank it for what it has taught you, and send it on its way.

(I will help you.)

You’re not in this alone. But you know by now, I run My Kingdom by choice and free will. I cannot heal you if you refuse to lay down your crutches.

Think of it… a healed man or woman, hobbling around on crutches, clutching their painful memories, and looking for sympathy?


No, I won’t do it.

You must decide who you love more…

Your memories… or Me?

“I think of God and moan, overwhelmed with longing for His help.”  Psalm 77:3