Never Losing The Light: Your Next Heartbeat

Child, do not cry out to Me as though you had to summon Me from some far off place. I am as near as your next heartbeat. The reason you don’t hear My footsteps running to your side, is because I am already here!

Don’t look with your eyes… look with your heart.

Don’t listen with your ears… listen with a ready mind.

(Ready to be still—ready to obey.)

You don’t have to make long pious prayers to get Me to move on your behalf.

(No child, not that way… this way.)

Get quiet.

Tune out the world.

Tune in My word.


I will act when the time is right.

My ways, remember, they’re not your ways.

How many times have I answered you before you even called?

(You’ve lost count.)

Selah, child.



(This panic is not in your best interest.)


(Then there will be peace.)

Ah, you see?

Quiet yourself.

Come aside and rest awhile.

You must learn how to navigate a storm without letting the storm enter your spirit.

(Quiet now. Yes, that’s it.)

I cannot sleep until you act. I am too distressed even to pray.”  Psalm 77:4