A Closer Walk: Too Soon Old ~ Too Late Smart

You know that old saying? Too soon old. Too late smart. (Yeah, that one.) Well, I don’t want to be that guy.

I don’t want to be the guy that still, even with a head full of silver, isn’t… learning, growing, maturing, and getting wisdom.

Yeah, all that good stuff!

Since we all have only a finite amount of days that we get to live on this earth? We need to gather plenty of wisdom along our way. Not just facts and information. I’m talkin’ real common sense and down-to-earth-schmarts.

It’s one of those things I pray for on a regular basis…

“God instruct me… God show me which way to go here… God, help me to SEE!”

You know. Those short-n-sweet prayers that get right down to the rat-killin’ that needs to be done.

Which brings me to the subject: BATTLES

I have wised up enough along this pilgrim way to realize that—NOT ALL BATTLES ARE MINE.

Sometimes, someone brings me a conflict that just isn’t mine to solve, and wisdom has taught me, I need to hand that problem right back to the one who has tried to pass it to me—possibly giving counsel (if asked) then pray with them, bless them—but turn loose of the problem.

Wisdom has also taught, that it is wise (even when the battle seems to be mine) to get some counsel myself; for NOT ALL BATTLES NEED TO BE FOUGHT, or indeed should be fought.


In simple terms, “You got to know when to hold-em, and know when to fold-em …when to walk away, and when to run…,” as Kenny wisely sang.

You’ve only got so much strength, resource, and energy… so, wisdom says, “PICK YOUR BATTLES.”

Some battles, you’ve got to “Go to the mattresses!” No choice. No out. This one must be fought, and won.

Others, you just do like Kenny said. You fold-em and walk away, because this particular battle is going to splatter everywhere, and in the end?

It won’t change a single thing!

Smart money says, “Baby, fold-em!”

Life is just too short to waste yourself on a fight, where no one wins, and everybody loses.


Then, there is my absolute favorite kind of battle.

It’s the one where you’re looking at all the odds but you’re outnumbered 1000 to 1.

It doesn’t just look impossible… IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

You don’t know which way to turn or what to do, and then you hear God gently whisper to your heart,

You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the LORD[2 Chronicles 20:17]

This battle? The one you can’t possibly win? God tells you, “Hands off!” because, “THIS BATTLE IS HIS!”

(Which translated means… you can’t possibly lose!)




You are learning that when you try to be your own shield the results are always less than you wanted.

But… when I AM your shield?

Ah, peace!

More of that abiding fruit we’ve been talking about.

Besides, I see all those flaming darts you can only guess at, and I know all your enemy’s plans and schemes.

I’m omniscient, remember?

I anticipate—and if you will learn from Me—and walk in My abiding presence? I will prepare a way of escape and you will see it ahead of time—not afterwards.

I long to spare you the needless waste of your spirit’s energy.

Now do you see?

And, of course, the added incentive is My glory; the fullness of all My attributes. So much better than your own, don’t you agree?

Not that your gifts and talents aren’t delightful. (They are.) You know how I delight in you… but honey, it’s a matter of fullness; a teaspoon versus an ocean, yes?

Keep your eyes on Me.

Stay behind My sheltering wing, and let Me shield you. So much better than fighting those needless battles in your own ways.

Remember where your hope comes from?

Then hope in Me.

Trust Me.

I will always do the best thing; not the easiest; the very best.

Walk in love.

(I know with some it’s very challenging.)

But as you do you will find the additional strength to do more.

“But Lord, you are my shield, my glory, and my only hope.”  Psalm 3:3