Never Losing the Light: Lost Treasure

To lose something you treasure does not mean I am not caring for you.

On the contrary…

As I have said, you cannot receive the new things I have for you, if you are not willing to let go of the old things you no longer need.

(Do not think this is license for sin.)

Check your compass. (My word.)

What I take by storm, I take. You cannot abandon your responsibilities, and covenants, and then blame it on the storm.

(I will never sanction that.)

Do you see the difference?


Then know that storms will always mean loss.

That does not mean I am not caring for you.

(No child.)

If I take some treasure from you, it is that I might give you MORE of something else… something far more valuable.

I am caring for you.

As the storm ends, you will see debris of “what was”… and gently, carefully, we shall clear that away, to make room for the new thing… for renewal.

I am bringing LIFE where there was death.

HOPE where there was despair.

(Believe child.)

I am making ALL things new.

Is that not caring for you?

Yes, I love you… but some things need to change.

He careth for you.” 1 Peter 5:7