Never Losing the Light: Deserted You? Never!

Desert you? When have I ever deserted you? When have I ever left you alone in the storm?

Yes, you’ve endured trial.

Yes, you’ve endured trouble.

And, you’ve had your share of disasters, I’ll grant you, but deserted?


I don’t desert My children.

(You’re walking by sight again.)

How can I possible get you to let go of this lower glory, and come up higher, if I don’t let the midnight fall?

Even My good friend Abraham had to endure the horror of a great darkness. (Gen. 15:12 )

Trust, that’s what I’m after.

Your unquestioning, abiding-in-peace, singing-in-the-storm, trust.

(I am worthy of that.)

Frankly I find your distrust insulting.

How can you believe I love you and then think I would desert you?

(It’s absurd.)

Do you desert the ones you love?

(I never do.)

You are My child.

Others may abandon you—I never will.

Never. (Deut. 4:31)

Come child, let Me gather you into My arms.

They are everlasting arms. (Deut. 33:27)

Always there.

Never tired.

Always welcoming, with enough of whatever You need.

(Today, it’s love.)

So, let Me love you.

“LORD, you know all about it. Don’t stay silent! Don’t desert me now!”

Psalm 35:22