Never Losing The Light: Stormy Courage

Ah, courage. (So much better than to be dis-couraged, yes?)

Yes, an ambassador of encouragement has grave responsibilities.

“To whom much is given, much is required” remember? (Luke 12:48)

You have been given the rare and precious gift of spreading My love and hope through encouraging words. Your words have power. How you use that power has lasting results in people’s lives.

A grave responsibility.

You have just as much power to destroy as to heal.

Think of that!

Your words can be venomous or generous. Loving or hateful. You can rescue and heal or you can seek and destroy. (James 3:5)

(Yes… a grave responsibility.)

The more responsibility in My Kingdom—the more accountability.

(Your enemies forgot that… don’t you.)

To be an ambassador of encouragement is a very high calling.

The price of your education has been enormous.

Hearts blood.

(Yours… and Mine.)

Think of all it has taken to bring you to this vista in your life.


The cost!

Yes… a very expensive education.

One I don’t intend to throw away on foolish, impulsive anger. (Ecclesiasties. 7:9)

(How are you doing on your lessons?)

Stormy Education

“So take courage!

For I believe God!

It will be just as He said.”

Acts 27:25