Just Released: Lone Witness, A New Atlanta Justice

Rachel Dylan and Bethany House Publishers have just released the next book in the sizzling Atlanta Justice Series: Lone WitnessThis is Book Two in the series and tells the story of Sophie Dawson, Prosecutor and rising star in the Fulton County DA’s office.

You will definitely want to add this one to your summer reading list!


Sophie’s just been promoted to the White Collar Crime Division, and is in the middle a pursuing a new case involving a local bank employee that stands accused of cheating his customers. As one of the DA’s rising stars, Sophie is looking forward to trying her new case, when suddenly, she finds herself thrust into the witness chair on the other side of the courtroom.

Now she finds herself the only eyewitness to a brutal gangland killing—all because she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

All Atlanta eyes are now on her.

And Sophie is way, way, out of her comfort zone!

As the DA’s lone witness, Sophie must help the DA make his case which has put her in the cross-hairs of one of Atlanta’s most vicious gang leaders.

The target is squarely on her back and her life is at risk, so Sophie’s friends and family convince her to allow good looking hunk, and private security guard Cooper Knight, to protect her as she waits for the chance to testify.

Unwilling to back down, and wanting to see justice done, Sophie wants to pursue truth at any cost—but all the death threats and attempts on her life are starting to pile up!

So are the sparks flying between her and her handsome bodyguard!

I rated this thriller five stars on Goodreads.

I won’t give away any more of the plot, but suffice it to say, this story by Rachel Dylan is a well written, comfortable read. It’s a perfect choice for kicking back by the pool or if you are stuck in that long airport layover.

Lone Witness is on sale and available now on Amazon or at all your other fine book retailers.

I want to thank Bethany House for sending me this complimentary copy in exchange for my review.