The abc’s of Believing: B – Behalf

Because I love Zion, because my heart yearns for Jerusalem, I will not cease to pray for her or to cry out to God on her behalf until she shines forth in his righteousness and is glorious in his salvation. Isaiah 62: 1 TLB

I will not cease to pray for her or cry out to God on her behalf… I love those words.

There is “a supreme court” that is higher than any court anywhere, and we as BELIEVERS, are instructed to enter it with boldness.

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4: 16 KJV

There is a courtroom where we can take our righteous petitions.

There we can lay them before God asking for His help and intervention.

God will hear us…

When we pray for ourselves… yes.

But, He loves it when we pray for others!

When we come into His courts with singing and thanksgiving, and then, instead of thinking only of ourselves—we come on the behalf of others.

  • We stand in the gap.
  • We plead for those who can’t or won’t plead for themselves.
  • We intercede on their behalf.

And oh how God loves us to intercede for others!

It is a HUGE part of our destiny.

We were put here in this time, in this place, for such a time as this.

The adversary fears this above all—our prayers!

And above all else, he will seek to hinder you from praying for others…

(Especially your enemies.)

And who needs prayer more than these?


We come to You because You are wondrous. You are powerful. And you have been so good to us. Your mercy stretches to the heavens and has no end! We forgive our enemies LORD. We release them to You, and we ask on their behalf, “Please be as merciful to them as You have been to us.”

Holy Spirit we ask You to come and fall on us; on our government officials. Lead them LORD. Direct their hearts as a watercourse. We pray for our nation; for her people. Have mercy on us—leads us back to You.

It is for Jesus sake, and in His Omnipotent Name we ask, amen.

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