Crisscrossing God’s Grace

I kept crisscrossing God’s grace for years without recognizing it for what it was.

I didn’t believe God cared.

I believed in bootstrapping effort.

I believed in coincidental circumstances.

I believed in a world where abandonment and rejection was the rule not the exception.

But a God of loving grace?

elijah-hiett-485115-unsplashI couldn’t relate to the concept.

Too many things had happened. Bad things. Unfair stuff, that left me believing that the only one I could really count on in this life, was me.

Which meant I was in real trouble!

It was only after I returned to God (very reluctantly I might add) but still a returnee trying to figure this “God-thing” out, that I realized and started recognizing that Grace had been crisscrossing my life for quite some time.

I just hadn’t had the trusting eyes I needed to see it.

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