Under His Wings

I lie awake at night thinking of you—of how much you have helped me—and how I rejoice through the night beneath the protecting shadow of your wings. Psalm 63: 6-7 TLB

There is a place of shadow,

Where fear cannot remain;

A place of warmth and safety;

A balm for all my pain.

Under His Wings

Where darkness is a comfort,

And though I lose the light;

My heart takes sweetest refuge,

From enemies deadly might.

Under His Wings

I do not fear the shadows,

I do not need the light.

It’s here my soul finds shelter,

And lives by faith not sight.

Under His Wings

Though all my life’s a puzzle;

A war-torn bitter place,

There is a sweet, sweet shelter,

Where sorrows are replaced.

Under His Wings

It’s still a “trusting” thing;

My place where I can bring,

All worries and all cares,

And find Your solace there.

Under His Wings

With peace and joy abounding;

Delight upon my face;

Where soul can find it’s resting,

And sing sweet songs of grace.

Protect me from harm; keep an eye on me like you would a child reflected in the twinkling of your eye. Yes, hide me within the shelter of your embrace, under your outstretched wings. Psalm 17: 8 TPT

Broken Vessels Recovery Project, 2004