Abandoning Ship!

“Dad, I’m not at all sure I can follow you any longer in your simple Christian faith’ stated the clergyman’s son when he returned from the university for holidays with a fledgling scholar’s assured arrogance. The father’s black eyes skewered his son, who was ‘lost,’ as C.S. Lewis put it ‘in the invincible ignorance of his intellect.’ ‘Son,’ the father said, ‘That is your freedom, your terrible freedom.”  ― Ruth Bell Graham

I’ve had enough! With God, I’m through!

I’m takin’ charge; all done with You!

Great God on high? Well, if that’s so…

Then why these crushing, cruel blows?


If You are Love and You are Light?

Then why desert me in the night?

No, take a hike! This stuff is junk;

This Bible and this Christian bunk!


I see a different life ahead.

A “Rainbow Road” of fun instead!

I’m jumpin’ ship; it’s time to go—

I’ve dreams in mind, and seeds to sow!


Just watch me now! Just catch my act!

I’m outta’ here, and that’s a fact!

My life, it’s mine—ABANDON SHIP!

You people ought’ get a grip!


Let’s have some fun! Let’s have a ball!

I’m feelin’ fine—I’m walkin’ tall…

Forget You God! Who needs Your love?

And fairy tales from up above!


I’ve dreams in mind, and seeds to sow…

I’m jumpin’ ship; I gotta’ go!

© Martha Gibbons, Broken Vessels Recovery Project 1999

Abandon Ship!

Abandon Ship!

The devil will always have a ship ready when a man (or woman) wants to sail away from God.

— Billy Graham