Sail Away

When blackness gathers like the night;

And skies are filled with jagged light;

When thunder crashes; peals of doom.

And stormy wind’s like nightmare’s broom…

Sweep down across your world of right,

And brush away what’s best and bright.

And boat’s adrift; sails tossed and blown;

In churning seas of boiling foam.

Now compass gone–now maps are, too!

Sail Away

Black clouds eclipse all light for you.

It seems as if God’s love has flown,

And now abandoned, you are thrown…

Into the whirlwind’s spinning grasp,

Where heart and mind in pain-filled gasps,

Call out into the inky night;

“Oh, help me please! Oh, send the light!”

God has not gone, He still is there–

His love still real! He does still care!

But shaking head. Confused. Dismayed.

You turn your ship, and sail away.


Sail Away

Broken Vessels Recovery Project, 1999

“Ironically, it was the father’s blessing that actually “financed” the prodigal son’s trip away from the Father’s face! and it was the son’s new revelation of his poverty of heart that propelled him back into his Father’s arms. Sometimes we use the very blessings that God gives us to finance our journey away from the centrality of Christ. It’s very important that we return back to ground zero, to the ultimate eternal goal of abiding with the Father’s in intimate communion.” ― Tommy Tenney, The God Chasers: “My Soul Follows Hard After Thee”

Not Forsaken, Louie Giglio