Lookin’ For Love

I’m lookin’ high. I’m searchin’ low.

I’m lookin’ for that special glow!

You know the one–it makes you feel,

Like you could fly, like this is really…

Where it’s at! The REAL thing!

That gives life spark, and soul that zing!

It’s love! I gotta’ get me some.

Lookin' For Love

I’ll know it when it finally comes.

It’s you! No, YOU! It’s here! No, there!

It’s him! No, her! It’s here… but WHERE?

And so I dig, and deeper get. Still lookin’…

Haven’t found it yet.

Lookin' For Love

This well is deep. I know it’s here.

Keep looking. Dig! Outrun the fear!

Now deep inside this hollow pit,

There’s still no love. This isn’t it!

Lookin' For Love

Will someone please show me the place,

Where love has gone? There’s not a trace…

Down here… of what my heart’s searched for.

There’s only darkness… more, and more.

Lookin' For Love

Martha Gibbons, Broken Vessels Recovery Project, 1999