Heaven Waits

Too late you say? For you to fly?

Too many moons have now gone by…

For God to take and make of you,

A vessel rare of sweet perfume.

Too much junk! Too many lies!

Too many beds–too many ties…

Heaven Waits

To past–and all it’s held you to;

The things you’ve done–a toxic brew…

Of evil. “Oh no,” you say, “Couldn’t be for me!”

A life that’s new–a heart that’s free!

Too late? No, it’s not true! You’re just in time…

For grace from God–forgiveness prime!

Heaven Waits

He’s waited all these year’s for you,

To bring you out and bring you through.

Now, heaven waits. There’s not a word…

All eyes on you… they know you’ve heard.

Invitation made to you, of God’s forever love…

Of glory and of healing life, to you, from up above.

What will you do? Say, “It’s too late.”

It isn’t true! Come… heaven waits.

Martha Gibbons, Broken Vessels Recovery Project 1999