Butterfly Dreams

My dad used to accuse me of “butterfly thinking” and I wonder if that was because he just couldn’t get used to this girl–who was such a dreamer!

Butterfly Dreams

I lived in my imagination as a kid.

I didn’t have access to all the great stuff that kids have today, and so, games from my imagination were standard practice for me.

Sometimes, I was Hop-along-Cassidy riding in to save the day on my faithful stick horse.

Or, I might be Sky-King, zooming above the clouds while imagining I was a pilot.

There was an old wrecked car out back in the meadow behind our house, and my Mom sighed with great exasperation seeing that miserable wreck, but we kids imagined it was, an airplane, a school bus, a taxi, or the Nautilus submarine!

Dreamers and World-Changers

Let me tell you why I believe this broken old planet needs dreamers.

Dreamers see life as it could be–not as it is.

If you want to change things don’t you first have to envision something NEW that doesn’t yet exist?

Butterfly Dreams

Creatives and dreamers never accept the old status quo as the final word on anything.

(And you know what?)

That really puts a scare in some people.

Butterfly Dreams and Dreamers

Perhaps those who cling relentlessly to the seeming safety of the status quo, reveal timid hearts full of fear, whereas dreamers, are always reaching for new ideas, new projects, new ways of solving old roadblocks.

And, let me confess here and now, I lived with the chains of fear and a timid heart for many, many years.

Butterfly Dreams

I held onto lots of “wormy-thinking” simply because you need a courageous heart, and an imagination with wings, to believe a silly ol’ caterpillar is gonna someday fly…

(Especially, if YOU are the caterpillar!)

The Divine Romance

The book, The Divine Romance by Brian Simmons, has done wonders for me in teaching me just how much God loves me, and teaching me that it is God’s constant love and belief in me, that indeed, gives me the courage to test my wings!

(I really encourage anyone to get a copy.)

Listen to this fear-slaying, dream-inspiring, statement:

God Himself is the answer to your every prayer. He pours out miracles, releases healing, strengthens the weary, and imparts perfect wisdom for every situation. His grace and mercy have no limit. His power is unstoppable. His hands, which formed time and space, have placed you in His heart, where you are safe and empowered. You are complete in Christ.

Breakthrough, hope, health, favor–anything you could possibly need–is found in Him. Your inadequacies only serve to drive you closer to Him and remind you of your continuous need for Him. He loves to fill areas that we yield to His sovereignty. Surrender everything today. In your frailty, rejoice! He truly does equip, empower, and perfect you.

Complete, Brian Simmons, The Divine Romance

The Dream-Maker’s love

I have often referred to Jesus in this blog as The Dream-Maker.

When I prayed years ago, “God, please teach me how much You love me.” I had no idea of all the changes that little prayer would put into motion.

So many changes!

Little ones at first, but then, “revelations as to purpose and destiny” that scared me to death, yet also beckoned me out of my shell, and into the endless possibilities of God’s purpose that He created me for.

I don’t know about others, but I believe it was God who planted many of my dreams in my heart.

Impossible things! Things that only a “God of the impossible” could bring to pass.

God’s love changes everything.

Knowing, and BELIEVING, in how much God loves you transforms the broken things in your heart and mind.

(It certainly wasn’t me doing the transforming!)

It is a work of grace–to become–and bring to pass what you were created for!

Buterfly Dreams

And, when you know how much you are loved, and you have been created for Kingdom purpose? It is that “knowing” that sets you free to dream!

God knows, when you are free to dream? You are free to change the world!

That freedom, that Jesus Christ brings, gives the heart and mind wings.

And with Him you know your fears must take a back seat, because with Him, “Anything is possible!”

“O Lord God! You have made the heavens and earth by your great power; nothing is too hard for you!” Jeremiah 32: 17 TLB