A Vision Splendid

In eons past You thought of me

You knew that I would someday be

And when the time arrived at last

In secret place my form was cast


You dubbed my flesh, “A work of art!”

A jewel rare; an awesome start!

“A vessel choice…” You did call me,

“A vision splendid!” she shall be.


Someday this child–will captives free;

She’ll help the broken, blind, to see…

That every life now torn and marred,

Can be remade–though greatly scarred!


For heaven’s grace is ever near–

To vanquish lies, and conquer fear.

From eons past… from timeless space,

Came here my Saviour to replace…


Our broken dreams and give we two–

A life set free! A heart that’s new!

“Come, take My hand, and you will see…

A Vision Splendid dreamed for thee…


Come… take My hand–Come, you will see…

A Vision Splendid just for thee!”

Martha Gibbons, Broken Vessels Recovery Project 1999