Pilgrim’s Dream

Once, a Pilgrim, here below

Said, No longer do I know…

What will make a heart to sing

And overflow with glad tidings.

So, Abba… You who dwells above;

Author of Eternal Love;

Plant a seed within my heart

And from it, may a new dream start,

I ask from You, this precious gift,

To others heal, and spirit’s life.

If caterpillar You can use…

(A worm nobody else would choose)

Then, here am I, O great I AM.

Design for me an awesome plan!

Paint my rainbows! Give me wings!

Call forth, from me, miraculous things!

You said my mountain You would move,

If I would follow Your reprove.

I speak by faith–to Heaven plead;

You said, … a seed is all you need.

So, I surrender for my part;

This sacrifice–my dreamer’s heart…

And from it, may Your river flow

Of Living Water here below,

To nourish, other dreamers, so…

By faith, their dreams, may bloom and grow!

Martha Gibbons, Broken Vessels Recovery Project, 2005

Pilgrim's Dream

How marvelously the parable of the mustard seed highlights the past, present, and future magnificence of the kingdom in which God reigns. Though the presence of the King among us may at times feel threatened and slight, his is a kingdom with an explosive promise: it is not the one who plants or waters; it is God who makes things grow. Even now He is working to that end of future glory, calling us to see the great tree in the seedling, growing all things in his time—even those things with the tiniest of beginnings. —Alison Thomas, RZIM, Atlanta, Georgia.

“If your faith were only the size of a mustard seed,” Jesus answered, “it would be large enough to uproot that mulberry tree over there and send it hurtling into the sea! Your command would bring immediate results!” Luke 17: 6 TLB