When My Faith Wobbles

In my life? When fear rules–my faith wobbles.

What about you?

When My Faith Wobbles

Oh, I know, right now we are all supposed to “keep a stiff upper lip,” and all that jazz.

But, just for the moment let’s be honest, “Aren’t you wondering where all this is going to land?”

And truth be told, my faith then begins to “wonder-wobble” as I get pounced on by all the big-bad, “What if’s?”

(I’m avoiding all Newscasts like they have the plague!)

Here is where I have to plant my feet on the Word of God,

“The battle is the Lord’s… and… Believe in the Lord Your God, and you shall have success! Believe his prophets, and every thing will be all right.” 2 Chronicles 20:20 TLB

(But, just remembering that is a battle in itself, yes?)

So, here is hope for all my fellow “WOBBLERS”

In this “Time Out” of ours? Here’s some outstanding HOLLY-HOPE for all “wobblers” out there.

From Holly Gerth:

We are all doing hard things right now. Things we have never done before. We’re suddenly working remotely or teaching our kids, looking for jobs or serving on the front lines of a pandemic, doing video calls or standing in line for toilet paper, waking up to an empty house or one that’s suddenly so very full all the time.

In times like these, we can make the mistake of believing if something is hard then we must not be doing it well. But this isn’t true. Something can feel almost impossible and we can be doing it well at the same time.


I am an awkward runner—not gracefully athletic but more like an enthusiastic, uncoordinated giraffe. I have learned to accept this. I run anyway.

When I first started doing so, every time I felt out of breath, every time it got hard, I would tell myself things like, “You’re going so slow. You’re not doing a good job. This must be your worst run ever.” Then I discovered something: Every time a run felt especially hard, I ended up with a time that was my personal best.

The reality is, in the moments when we want to give up, when we feel weak and exhausted, when we think we can’t do it . . . we’re actually getting stronger.

We’re not tired because we’re failing; we’re tired because we’re fighting.

We’re not weary because we’re weak; we’re weary because we’re winning the battle to go to the next level in our lives...

(click here to read the whole post)

Yes, even when my faith wobbles,

I still believe…

What is faith? It is the CONFIDENT assurance that something we want is going to happen. It is the CERTAINTY that what we hope for is waiting for us, even though we cannot see it up ahead. Hebrews 11:1 TLB

Out of the mouths of babes… 10,000 Reasons “Faith Is!”

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