Journey of Struggle

“Listen to me, my people; listen… for I will see that right prevails. My mercy and justice are coming soon; your salvation is on the way.” Isaiah 51: 4-5 TLB

It all began about six months ago when hackers shut down my blogs. Frankly, I don’t much care who, or even why at this point, but it was confusing for sure.

My life was plunged into a daily battle with frustration and all writing came to a complete halt.

I had been writing almost every day for over three years. I love writing. I love being busy. I was right in the middle of a series on vineyards and bearing fruit. This wasn’t exactly the kind of “fruit” I had in mind when I started. I had been praying about the direction this blog was to take, asking the LORD if perhaps it was time to end it and start something new. But, a complete shut down?

Earthquakes and a pandemic of fear

It was the month of July and things on this planet were really beginning to shake, rattle, and roll.

Having once lived in the Central Valley of California, I was very familiar with earthquakes, and how they can manifest in a frightening and unexpected moment.

Then “the accident” happened, and suddenly confusion was magnified ten fold as I found myself in an ambulance, and on my way to our local Emergency Room.

The next six months became filled with days of hospitals, surgery, and forced bed rest, followed by months of physical therapy and learning how to walk again.

Here’s the thing though.

When you are “called aside” to forced stillness and silence, (Psalm 46:10) and to your prayers of confused frustration, God answers over and over again, “Wait for Me.” (Psalm 27:14) That’s all. Just wait.

Well, we have to take our cues from heaven don’t we? Not, the craziness that is going on around us… or even, in us.

Focus is everything

And, I have learned from past earthquakes, “Fix your focus on the Captain of your ship–NOT on the waves that are threatening to sink you!”

So, I hunkered down.

I fixed my focus on the hidden promise in Psalm 27:14 as well as the encouragement in Psalm 91.

(Have you discovered it?)

It’s right there in the Hebrew meaning of that little word “strengthen” where God promises, “those who wait for Him, … he will strengthen their heart.”

That Hebrew word actually means: to make strong in the feet.

It’s a word picture of the sure-footed deer who can leap over obstacles with a single bound!

(When you find yourself suddenly only able to hop on one foot? This promise is a very BIG deal.)

New series beginning

So, we begin a new series after a six month journey of struggle with stillness, silence, and much confusion.

I shall speak from experience to be sure, though, I do also assure you, there has been a great deal of pain and tears accompanying these struggles.

But… God has the last word and His hope speaks in the end.

So, I think I might have some fresh words of encouragement for you as we ‘walk on’ in this journey of pursuing destiny and purpose together.

I’ll close this opening post with a new song by TobyMac that I came across just this morning. (Ah, God’s wonderful timing!)

When we wait for Him–GOOD things happen.

I thank you for hanging in with me through all these months and I hope you will come along for this new series. I think we’re heading into great joy.

(Yahoo! It’s about time.)

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