When God Says, “Now…”

“Now you are ready, bride of the mountains, to come with me as we climb the highest peaks together. Come with me through the archway of trust.” Song of Songs 4:8 TPT

This week is not turning out as I’d planned.

Not at all!

I had planned to take this blog in a different direction but then that announcement from Lana Vawser’s upcoming conference, “My Burning Ones” happened.

I couldn’t stop watching it.

I must have watched it fifteen or sixteen times, at least!

It was mesmerizing!

I guess that’s how a burning bush is supposed to grab you–you are transfixed–frozen in an unexpected place God has chosen for you.

Now, let me back up a bit.

First, I sent out this week’s blog post with wobbly knees. I knew it was pure “broccoli” without a single drop of sugar in it.

I knew I would probably get flack. (I did. No surprises there.) The sugar brigade had a first class hissy fit.

But, not relevant.

I simply “press on” in such events, doing and saying only what the Holy Spirit bids, at least as much as this old woman can discern from Him.

Then God showed up…

In what I call: a burning bush encounter.

As I said, I watched and watched the above video some more.

I had already sent out the weekly post for this blog but I knew I had to amend it so I could add that amazing video.

Then, I realized it was not in the email to all my regular followers, so I thought, “I need to create an invitation to this burning bush God is about to do.”

I had never done a conference invite before–what category to put it under?

I had created a category in the past I had never used, “Come Away,” and suddenly I knew how I would do the post; with the second chapter of Song of Songs (one of my absolute favorite scriptures!)

And I would look for a song video that somehow would fit with the Come Away theme which I found right away.

Voila! An invitation went out

I thought I was done.

I thought, “This is a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY for all the younger women who follow, and may be looking for a burning bush, with instructions from God for a way forward in their purpose.”

Me? I had already disqualified myself.

“Too old.” I thought. “Your time for this kind of thing has passed you by.”

(There was just one hitch that made me squirm a bit.)

The song! The guy kept singing, “It’s not too late…”

Nevertheless, I shook off my discomfort, as I set my face to writing next week’s planned post.

Then, God interrupted… again.

It came in the form of another video on you tube.

(The one below, actually.)

Let me warn you, if you don’t see yourself as an earth shaker… please watch.

If you see yourself as, too weak, incredibly desperate, disqualified, or unqualified; too young, too old, etc.?

Watch the video below–I dare you.

It’s a shocker those burning bushes, yes?

Yes, absolutely, I cried through most of it.

When like Moses you think, “It’s over.”

Truthfully, I have been thinking (and planning) to begin a life of seclusion.

After all, I am about to turn seventy.

This whole broken ankle experience had convinced me that I needed to just quietly withdraw somewhere, and spend my last years (whatever God would grant,) living quietly alone and tending a small garden somewhere.

Mainly because I firmly believed my “mover-shaker days” were behind me.

I was very okay with that.

Then God interrupted with, “The Beginnings of a Mercy Moment.” Wow, the bush burned again with another riveting video, and it seemed God might be calling me out of my corner; out of my nice quiet hidden life I had planned.

Oh boy, Moses, do I suddenly get how you felt!

Then, I read my Divine Romance, again

Today’s devotion is titled: NOW

(I share it in hopes that it will comfort other desperate hearts, especially those of you who read this blog from lands where this wonderful book is not allowed.)

“Picture this: Jesus is standing before you, holding your hands, and looking you in the eyes. “Wow! You are beautiful,” He says. He exhales purposefully, and a smile unlike any you’ve ever seen alights His face. A look of satisfaction and love glimmers in His eyes. “It’s time. You’re ready.”

The Lord’s ways are higher than ours. His wisdom and understanding is perfect and untainted. When we think we’re ready to take on the world, He tucks us away with Him, matures us, and strengthens our faith. Then, just as we become comfortable in the secret place of His love, He lifts us up and tells us that we’re ready to run. Jesus wants a bride who will co-labor with Him because of love. He isn’t looking for workers to serve Him, He’s looking for lovers who will run with Him because they’ve discovered His heart.”

— The Divine Romance, Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez

Adult Topics in this Video–no children in the room please:

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