Give Thanks

So we thy people and sheep of thy pasture will give thee thanks for ever: we will shew forth thy praise to all generations. Psalm 79:13 KJV

This is the season where “giving thanks” is on everyone’s mind. But, as I was contemplating this Thanksgiving I thought, “Isn’t this the simple and uncomplicated truth we are to live in every day of our lives?”

Isn’t this to be our commonplace daily reality?

I’m not talking about standing on street corners, making loud and boisterous noises for others to notice and applaud, saying, “Here I am. Come and look and see how thankful I am.”


I am speaking of a much deeper inner reality.

Let me explain…

First, when I think about what Jesus Christ has done for me; what He has accomplished on my behalf, and given to me simply because He loves me. It fills my heart with gratitude, and the inner words that flow from that inner understanding are like a continual and quiet flowing stream of thanksgiving.

When I look around at all that God the Father has created for me to enjoy; to gaze upon in simple wonder?

When I remember that He “saw me” in eternal ages past, knew who I would be, what I would do, how I would fail Him, and yet He chose me anyway, and said, “This one will one day be Mine and will belong to Me forever.”

When I think of Him sending His only Son, to sacrifice on a cross, to lay His perfect sinless life down for me?

Oh, the thanksgiving that flows from that place!

Then there is my Beloved Best Friend!

He is “The Alongside One” who is ALWAYS with me, will never desert me, no matter the outer calamity or inner failure. He is my Comforter. My Teacher of all Truth. He never lies to me. He never abuses me. He never betrays me. He is Faithfulness itself, bequeathed to me, so how could I receive all of that, and not be full of thanksgiving?

This is my simple inner reality.

It is as quietly constant as breathing is for my lungs when they nourish my body with oxygen.

Giving thanks to God is the spiritual air I breathe. It is not an outer show—done for impressing others, or myself. It is the most natural expression to show my love and devotion for so many wonderful gifts.

It is knowing this simple uncomplicated truth…

God created me for Himself—and then chose me to be a child of His forever.

Jesus Christ saw me, for what I was, and still He loved me and chose to die for me; to redeem my life from the clutches of the enemy.

All this was done so that The Holy Spirit could come to me, to comfort me in every distress, to open Truth to me, so He could teach me, and be constantly in me, with me, and upon me, all the days of my life.

Knowing all of this?

That this uncomplicated truth, is not dependent on my moods, or my behavior, or what others think they know about me. How could I not be filled with thankful gratitude?

It is here I live in a daily quiet inner reality.

HERE, my spirit is breathing in hope, and breathing out thanksgiving.


When contemplating what to say, of poem or prayer on special day. I went directly to my King. I said, “What message should I bring…”

“… to carry burden—ease each heart—to lessen pain and hope restart? What words to make the weary sing?”

He said, “Give thanks in EVERYTHING!”

In everything?” was shocked reply. “But pain You surely won’t deny? Give thanks,” I said. “For year like this? For aching heart? For what’s amiss?”

“Lord, surely You’ve another plan.” I said, “I can’t.”

He said, “You can!”

You see the FIRE and all that’s lost. You see the FLOOD and what it’s cost! But I see more… beauties untold! I see the gems—I see the GOLD…

“…Of treasures you will take with you, when school is out, and you’ve come through. I am your God of loving grace. Remove that scowl from frowning face!

Did I not promise, for each scar made, a DOUBLE portion would be paid?

“Give thanks, and let your dreams take flight. Give thanks, you’ll soar to rainbow’s height! You’ll cause your Master’s heart to sing. When you give thanks in everything!”

This post originally published as: Living In A Simple Uncomplicated Truth, Nov. 9, 2017

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