Heart Whispers

I have two simple wishes this Christmas.

Wish number one is this:

That this Christmas your heart will hear God’s whispers.

It might not be easy.

You might have to get somewhere quiet—shut out all the outside noise.

So you can hear His whisper to your heart…


Okay, so there is this story,

It is in Mark Batterson’s book, Whisper.

(I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!)

Mary Ann Bird was born in Brooklyn, New York, in August 1928. A severe cleft palate required seventeen surgeries, but the psychological pain it caused was far worse. Mary Ann couldn’t do the simple things, such as blowing up a balloon or drinking from a water fountain. Worst of all, her classmates teased her mercilessly.

Mary Ann was also deaf in one ear, so the day of the annual hearing test was her least favorite. But it was one of those least favorite days that turned into the defining day of her life. The whisper test isn’t done in schools any longer, so let me explain what it entailed. A teacher would call each child to her desk and ask him or her to cover one ear. Then the teacher would whisper something like “The sky is blue” or “You have new shoes.” If the student repeated the phrase successfully, he or she passed the test.


To avoid the humiliation of failing the test, Mary Ann would try to cheat by cupping her hand around her good ear so she could still hear what the teacher said. But she didn’t need to the year she had Miss Leonard, the most beloved teacher in her school.

“I waited for those words,” said Mary Ann, “which God must have put into her mouth, those seven words which changed my life.” Miss Leonard didn’t choose a random phrase. Instead, she leaned across the desk, got as close as she could to Mary Ann’s good ear, and whispered, “I wish you were my little girl.”

The heavenly Father is whispering those very same words to you right now.

He’s been whispering those words since before you were born…

The good news? You’re imprinted by God. You not only bear His image but you know His voice. It’s His voice that knit you together in your mother’s womb. It’s His voice that ordained all your days before one of them came to be. It’s His voice that began a good work and His voice that will carry it to completion.

The First Voice

Whether you recognize it or not, God was the first voice in your life.

Is He the loudest voice in your life?

That’s the question.

The answer will determine your destiny!


Merry Christmas Priceless Someone!

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