“… suddenly the Angel of Jehovah appeared to him as a flame of fire in a bush.” Exodus 3:2

O, Holy Fire, how can this be?

That You should come, commune with me?

A bush am I–no special thing!

A lonely, frightened, broken-winged…


Away from You…

Away from You.

Dwelling in forsaken place;

Covered with pride’s sad disgrace–

And failures… marching through my mind,

Forgiveness sought… but could not find.

I come here to stand;

Not as I’d planned,

And now I plead;

In helpless need,

For You, O God, for You.

O, Holy Fire, why here; why now?

My Holy Fire, come near? But how?

Just like I am… bare feet on sand?

How can this be? You’d pardon me–

A fallen man… the one who ran,

Away from You…

Away from You.

O fresh and brilliant, Holy Fire,

Resting place for all desires…

A bush make me.. O Lord for Thee!

I come to seek;

With heart now meek,

For You, O God, for You.

Author’s Note:

I wrote the above poem in 1998 while walking through one of the worst spiritual firestorms of my life. It has never been published anywhere. The song Burn by Brooke Ligertwood has just been released and is on her new Seven album.

I hope you can see, just how perfect God’s timing is, even when we have to wait many, many years to “see” it manifest before our eyes.

This also coincides with Lana Vawser’s newest blog post which I just received today.

May God use all three to greatly encourage your heart!


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