Branding By Fire

Never again shall you be called “The God-forsaken Land” or the “Land That God Forgot.” Your new name will be “The Land of God’s Delight” and “The Bride,” for the Lord delights in you and will claim you as his own. Isaiah 62:4

I have something a little different for our post this week.

First, let me say, our household has been quarantined because of COVID this week.

(That has turned things on it’s head a bit!)

Then, I also received an email from Brian and Candace Simmons, that was so lovely it took my breath away.

I have been pondering ever since, just where and how, I might share it with you.

Fast forward to today: I myself am feeling “depleted and wiped out” and desperately in need of the Holy Spirit’s refreshing streams, and I “stumble” on to an old post by Nate Johnston, that he did two years ago.

It was just what my spirit was craving!

May Brian and Candace’s words of encouragement and Nate’s lovely post, minister to any and all, who are craving the Holy Spirit’s refreshing and renewing streams.

Passion & Fire Devotional

I HEAR GOD WHISPER… Enjoy the Full Blessing of Our Union

Oh, My beloved, nothing can ever separate us now! In this life, there are so many distractions and great difficulties, but let My love be your resting place, your oasis. In the midst of it all, we are one, and we can enjoy one another’s fellowship and nearness at all times.

Never think you have to strive to connect with Me, for I am in you, and you are in Me. This is the communion that I came to bring you into. I left Heaven’s glory, the very bosom of My Father, to bring you there. Yes, that place of face-to-face intimacy, what your heart has always yearned for, is now yours forever. It is your inheritance. So come. Step into that promised land of abundant life. This is why I came! I want you to enjoy the full blessing of our union.

I am Your Life-giver. Even when death is all around, My life is your source and strength.

In this very moment, receive a fresh impartation of My love, and be filled with My delight. Live today knowing I am closer than the very air you breathe. Recognize I am available; you can touch Me at any time with your prayers, and your sweet worship blesses Me. I receive your adoration with great pleasure. My dearest, I enjoy you! The accuser is always whispering to you about what is missing, but listen to My voice today, for I am whispering, “I love the way you love Me!”

There is no separation between us, for all the enemies of our intimate union have been vanquished by the cross. My blood and My love have made you forever Mine, and I am so thrilled about that. So, today, even now, I invite you into My delight. My joy over you is rich and full and, oh, so sweet.

Brian and Candace Simmons

My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

song of solomon 2:10

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