Red Sky Warning

Red sky at morning–sailor take warning! Old Navy Proverb

Sometimes things can change so fast. One minute you have your life all planned out, and the next, you’re scrambling to “catch up” to where it looks like God is going.

Take this morning for instance. We were forecast for a beautiful Fall day, mid-eighties, no rain in sight for at least two weeks.

Then I look up. The sky has turned a bright crimson red, and in the back of my mind I am reminded of that old proverb my dad used to quote:

Red sky at morning… (uh-oh) sailor, take warning.

And I’m thinking (or was it praying?) “God, what’s up?”

This latest R & R

It’s been great! Slowing life down. Getting more sleep. Filling the Spiritual reservoirs with lot’s of great video teaching.

I was ready and willing to keep this up indefinitely.

Then, two things happened.

First, I’m cruising through the Kindle Store just to look around, ’cause I’m always curious and hungry for anything that jumps off the page, and it did.

A book by a gal named Susie Larson. I listened to the Audible Sample. “Oh, yeah. I want this one.”

Then the picture on her cover jogs a memory of an old post. One I did way back in the beginning of starting this journey. (Hmmmmm.)

“What’s up God?”

I went back and read the post. (Hmmmmm.) In my mind’s eye I see a book outline that has been sitting on my back burner for years. I fiddle with it from time to time, but honestly? I lost my “hair-on-fire-desire” a long way back when it comes to writing books and publishing.

Why is easy.

First, most people don’t read anymore. Even blogs have gone to vlogs and podcasts. We seem to now be a generation of “watchers”. That’s okay with me, but I’m a writer, not a speaker. Looking into a crowd of expectant faces turns my legs to Jello!

Secondly, I usually remind God that there are millions of books out there that people are already not reading. “Does the world really need one more gathering dust on a shelf somewhere?”

The Gideon Principal

This is what I refer to as:

The Pointless Exercise of Arguing “I’m Not The Guy God.”

You can try, of course. But I’ve found that if God says, “Now is the time and today is the day.” Well, you’re wasting your breath.


So, I guess what I’m saying is that we are headed into a new series, following where it seems like God wants to go.

The “… sailor take warning.” has me a little nervous.

I wasn’t planning on taking on the Status Quo.

But I pray, “God, what do you want to say to Your people?” and then, I write, and the words flow. We go where we go. I rarely script anything in advance.

So, guys?

Batten down your hatches.

And here, we go!

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