By Thus Are Elijahs Trained

God can’t bring you into what you won’t believe Him for. –Steven Furtick

How is a man like Elijah trained?

And, is he to be an example for all of us to follow?

Afterall, Elijah lived an amazing life. I mean, talk about living out the words of Ephesians 3:20!

It seems Paul may have pondered the life of Elijah when he was writing to the early church; exhorting them to live out an heroic faith in the midst of great hardships and persecution.

I often ask myself, “Is it possible for me, weak and small as I am, to emulate such a man?”

Is it possible for us all, to walk in the unseen with God, with his quality of faith in seeing the impossible regularly accomplished?

Paying the price for the IMPOSSIBLE

Elijah did amazing exploits for God and his nation and in extremely difficult circumstances. It seems the word “impossible” was irrelevant to him.

Elijah is a hero of mine, partially for his strengths and exploits, and frankly, partially for his obvious weaknesses. In many ways, my life journey seems to have followed the same trail. Not in calling down fire from heaven, or closing up the heavens. More in his being called aside to the seclusion of Cherith, and the baffling instruction to find a widow, and dwell with her, in Zarephath.

So, in some very real ways, I relate to Elijah.

Perhaps this is why the Holy Spirit seems to have directed me to decide to go back to a book on his life, with the express purpose of using him as our “living possibility” of an Ephesians 3:20 spiritual life.

Elijah And The Secret Of His Power by F.B. Meyer

Therefore, I am reading F. B. Meyer’s book on the life of Elijah.

In it he makes this observation:

“… the life of this mighty man was wrought out through the indwelling of that Holy Spirit which is equally within reach of those who will believe and obey.

There is nothing the Church of to-day needs so much as Spiritual Power; and there is nothing which we can have so easily, if only we are prepared to pay the price.

It is of no use to exclaim, in despairing tones, “Where is the Lord God of Elijah?” He is here, waiting to do as much now as for the illustrious saints of olden times. Be it ours to emulate their faith; and to stand as they did in the presence-chamber of God, prepared to fulfill His least behest: so shall we be followers of them who, through faith and patience, inherit the promises.”

He also makes this inspiring, and very hopeful statement in his opening chapter, which could easily have been penned for today’s contemporary Church:

“When men have done their worst, and finished, it is time for God to begin. And when God begins, He is likely, with one blow, to reverse all that has been done without Him; and to write some pages of human history which will be a lesson and an inspiration to all coming time. That “And” is ominous enough to His foes; but it is full of hope and promise to His friends.”

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