God Of Hope

Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost. Romans 15:13

I know what it feels like to be down to little more than a mustard seed of faith. But I also know that it is precisely when The God of Hope shows Himself to you!

Yes, I remember.

Perhaps that is why I am writing to you at this very moment.

Sending you a message of encouragement.

Sending you an Easter “word”

Not bunnies in baskets.

(Cute as they are!)

No, what I asked the LORD for was a “word” from Him for you.

Something that you really needed, and an old list, fell out of my bible.

It was notes and Bible references on faith–believing and unbelieving.

This one note in particular seemed to jump from my page,

“Celebrate, big or small.”


Loosing your grasp on hope

Now, I know what it is like, to be down to just a mustard seed of faith.

You can feel your hope slipping away from you.

Dark circumstances close in around your confidence, and seem to blot out the Son.

You pray, and pray, but nothing.

You know the Word of God is true, but why hasn’t He showed up?

Why are your desperate prayers still unanswered?

He sees. He knows.

Where is He, this God of deliverance?

The power of a mustard seed

Here is where the power of just a little faith shows up.

Even when your faith tank is riding on “EMPTY,” if you will go to the Word of God for just one verse, one small beam of light–even a little light can drive back a whole lot of darkness.

(Even one wilderness hymn works for me.)

That is what I call them.

Old hymns, I reach back into my childhood for.

(They are very powerful you know.)

Mustard Seed Songs

I have my favorites, of course.

Trust and Obey, Standing On The Promises…

I sing the old familiar words…

And, the darkness flees.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there’s just something about that name…

Yes. There is something about that name.

I just feel lighter when I sing, so…

You are personally invited to an Easter concert of praise to the God of HOPE!

Faith and Hope

Like peanut butter and jelly–they just go together.

It doesn’t take very much.

Just a mustard seed of faith can move a mountain of darkness.

It truly is powerful.

It will drive out the darkness as it brings in His Light.

And your hope?

It blooms again!

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