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When It Feels Like “The End”

These last few weeks have been tough, and because of that, my HOPE has really struggled to stay on its feet. (It isn’t easy stuff we’re going to discuss today.) So, now that you’ve been given fair warning, let’s talk about: When it feels like the end of hope. Where do you turn, or what do you do next, when you come to “The … Read More When It Feels Like “The End”

Walking In Sarah’s Shoes

As I sat in this week’s Bible study I wondered, “How many of us out there are walking in Sarah’s shoes?” We were discussing the story of Sarah and Hagar. Sarah was definitely drawing the short stick when it came to compassion and understanding. It was, “…poor Hagar” this, and “…poor Hagar” that. (I kept thinking, “Poor Sarah.”) We women, really know how to … Read More Walking In Sarah’s Shoes

Our Song In The Night

HOPE IS A PERSON, the Person of Jesus Christ… with Christ, hope always has the last word.

Resilient Hope

Emilie Barnes wrote her book, A Cup Of Hope, while fighting a fierce battle with hopelessness. But, she discovered that, resilient hope that comes with our intimate relationship with Jesus. I myself can remember quite clearly, the day I visited the oncologist with my father, and I listened to the devastating news he received. I walked with my father through his five years battling … Read More Resilient Hope

Let’s Have Tea With Emilie!

I am an avid tea drinker with a small but treasured teacup collection. I am also a huge fan of Emilie Barnes. Though today Emilie is in heaven, I wanted to introduce her and her encouraging words to a whole new audience. So I contacted Harvest House Publishers who generously gave me permission to share some of the gems from Emilie’s out-of-print book, A … Read More Let’s Have Tea With Emilie!

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