Our Song In The Night

The Bible doesn’t promise us that we won’t go through dark times searching for a song in our dark night. On the contrary, Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble…”

Man! Where is the Good News in that?

(And, is it even possible to sing and worship while we are feeling our way down a dark and lonely road?)

My answer to that last question used to be, “Are you kidding? No way!” because I often walked down dark paths of discouragement and depression. I would resent what was happening. I would read all those Bible promises about God’s protection, and I would think, “Yeah, sure.”

In the darkest night

I kept making the same wrong turn I my thinking.

Our Song In The Night

I believed that old lie, “I must have done something wrong otherwise these things wouldn’t be happening to me.”

And, it was that kind of “thinking,” that threatened to drown all my faith in dark seas of doubt and unbelief.

Then one day, I discovered a favorite quote by a man named Charles Price, that completely transformed my thinking.

Even in the darkest night the redeemed soul still sings. –Charles Price

So I began to wonder, “Is there a link between singing and hope? Is that the key?”

Truthfully, when I am walking through dark days, the absolute last thing I feel like doing is singing!

But, I was drowning in my own despair.

I had to try something.

Singing our song in the night…

It’s not easy is it?

Take it from one who battled unsuccessfully with depression for many years.

Our Song In The Night

Yet, I learned this truth: Whether I felt like it (or not) if I sang songs of comfort, songs of faith, and songs of hope–my depression had to bow to the power of my worship!

So I sang–songs to myself.

I didn’t feel like it. But I was in a battle with hopelessness, and I was feeling desperate, and I learned–desperation is a great motivator!

Instead of surrendering to the darkness, I ignored how I was feeling, and I sang…

I sang, and I sang, into my night.

Another Cup of Hope
Our Song In The Night

Then one morning, as I was sipping my morning cup of tea, I remembered Emilie’s book, A Cup of Hope.

I found a copy on Amazon and I started reading it every day.

Emilie knew exactly what it was like to struggle while walking through dark days.

Now, here’s another of her “gems” that she offers us on HOPE:

… hope is a Person–the person of Jesus Christ… with Christ, hope always has the last word. *

God’s Word: Always has the last word!

When I sing, and find my “song in the night” from God’s Word, I find Jesus, The Light of the World!

  • But no one asks, ‘Where is God, my Maker, who gives us songs in the night… Job 35:10 NCV
  • O God-Enthroned in heaven, I lift my eyes toward you in worship. Psalm 123: 1 TPT
  • The Lord alone is our radiant hope and we trust in him with all our hearts. His wrap-around presence will strengthen us. Psalm 33: 20 TPT
  • So I cried out to you, Lord, my only hiding place. You’re all I have, my only hope in this life, my last chance for help. Psalm 142: 5 TPT
Our fourth cup

How did you do with your hope assignment last week?

Our Song In The Night

Did you find someone to share your cup of hope with?

I love the encouragement I found in Brian Simmons, The Divine Romance this morning…

“Many people live in a state of turmoil… They long for truth but need to encounter it through you. When you show unconditional love, when you have a different approach to life, and convey hope in times of hopelessness, people notice. Weary hearts need a touch from God, He wants to touch them through you.” Brian Simmons–Point The Way

Just about everyone has a mailman or favorite postal worker, right?

This week’s homework is to encourage your mailman, or UPS, or FedEx delivery person. Perhaps a thank you card, a homemade cookie, or some of those mini-cupcakes?


Show us where to share our cups of hope this week. Help us point the way to You, for Your hope gives songs in the night, and will always have the last word.

In Jesus Name, amen.

* Emilie’s “gems” are shared with the permission of Harvest House Publishers. They are: Taken from: A CUP OF HOPE by Emilie Barnes, Copyright © 2000, Published by Harvest House Publishers

Photos courtesy of: Unsplash

My “Thanks!” and Photo credits go to: photographers, Frank McKenna, Neonbrand, Anton Darius, Thiago Barletta, Emanuela Picone, and Anita Austvika