Dear Child…

I’m here–dear child. I’ve heard your cry,

And though ten-thousand suns rolled by;

I’ve waited… longing for your voice,

For only you, could make this choice–

Dear Child...

By now you know I never force–a life that wants me out.

But ever close I stayed by you–in case you gave a shout.

And call you have! And here am I,

Leaping at your faintest sigh.

Dear Child...

And to your aid, I’ll run right now.

I’ll bind your wounds and mend your brow;

With ancient love and joy that’s new,

I’ll pick you up and carry you;

Dear Child...

Into the light… safe in My arms…

I’ll set things right–you’re free from harm;

And here now stay–lean on my breast,

You’ve found your home; your place of rest.

Martha Gibbons, Broken Vessels Recovery Project, 1999