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Resilient Hope

Emilie Barnes wrote her book, A Cup Of Hope, while fighting a fierce battle with hopelessness. But, she discovered that, resilient hope that comes with our intimate relationship with Jesus. I myself can remember quite clearly, the day I visited the oncologist with my father, and I listened to the devastating news he received. I walked with my father through his five years battling … Read More Resilient Hope

The Weakest Worshipers

You shall not side with the strong against the powerless. — Sir Robert Morton, The Winslow Boy That was me. I believed I was powerless. So, for a very long time, I was one of God’s weakest worshipers. (I struggled with so much doubt.) How could God be good and let so much bad stuff happen to me? (It’s an old question isn’t it?) … Read More The Weakest Worshipers

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