Cotton Candy Comfort


O LORD, how long?


I am so sick of candy-apples-church and cotton-candy-comfort.

How long, LORD?


Is this all there is until You return? These so-called men of God, who offer much, but deliver little!

Each week I go to the well for a taste; a touch; of You. Each week I go away with sugary words that melt away to nothing.

It all sounds so sweet, but years and years of this have left me so…



Hungry? Thirsty? Both?


Where are the true men who speak for You?

The ones whose words don’t fall to the ground?

Isn’t that supposed to be the mark of a true prophet?


I know no one is perfect. I know we all get it wrong sometimes. But LORD! These people are all empty words – promising all – delivering, oh so little!


Where LORD? Where?

On my left, vile ones; tombs filled with vipers and dead men’s bones.


(I couldn’t run fast enough!)

To my right? Sugary fluff! Looks good; sounds better; delivers less than nothing…

Because these ones leave you more empty, more desperate, than when you first came!


God, help me!

(No wonder I’m depressed.)


Your word promises You will not leave or forsake.

So here I am.



Feed my hungry heart with Your truth.

The DREAM-MAKER’S Promise:

“These are wells without water, clouds carried by a tempest, for who is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.” 2 Peter 2:17 NKJV

The Caterpillar’s Prayer:

Oh Holy Spirit, how we need You! Many of our churches are dry wells, with little, or no Living Water.

Remember us, Your people LORD. Baptize us with fresh fire!

Come again like before… with Your mighty rushing wind…come!