These Feet of Mine: Ode To Ten Toes

I’ve given all my heart, my hands, my lips to speak for You,

But now I’ll add, on morning fair, these feet!

Now they’re Yours, too!


I pledge to You, right here and now—I want to make it clear;

These feet of mine, are Yours to guide,

Whether traveling far or near.


Though often Lord, in days gone by, they wandered where they would;

I want to state, for them—(and me…)

They’ll now go where they should!



These feet of mine, they often pine, for paths of “greener” grass,

No wonder then, I raise my chin,

To heavens made of brass.


O Lord, how patient You have been, with them (and yes…) with me!

And sought us out—You heard our shout…

Came running at our plea.


You rescued us, from all our fuss; You showed us where to go,

And now these feet, (both right and left!)

Will follow—high or low.


“Dear feet of mine, don’t fail me now!” our Lord has sovereign plan;

Just follow Him—He knows the way,

(No side-tracks made by man!)


And we will see, when we get there, what joy to go His way!

Straight paths He’ll make—no spills we’ll take!

We’ll celebrate and say…


“Dear Lord above, Your patient love, has taught us how to prance.”

And now these feet, to all they meet,

Will ask to join their dance!



“Come follow us!” they’ll sing and shout. “His will makes all things new.

He’s given wings… what awesome things!

For skimming rainbows blue.”


“No longer stuck —in mire and muck, of going our own way,

Instead we fly! Above the sky!

And this is what we say…


“Though we were once just feet of clay…

Who longed for only their own way…

We follow now where ‘ere He goes…

(…His ways past finding out you know!)